Sunday, 19 May 2013

DIY Disaster

It`s hard work clearing the garden

Roof tiles ready, dogs aren`t sure this is a good idea. First the garden and rubbish needs moving.  We had bought a very old house in Southport Merseyside that needed an awful lot of work. Full of enthusiasm we set about clearing the garden and building a garage.

Work goes on and up comes the old tarmac to make room for the driveway to the new garage. This is my oldest son Mark working very hard.

Hubby thought it was a good idea to bring the discarded model village items from Southport Model village into the garden. I was not impressed to find this lot in the garden when I woke up from working a night shift.

The disaster was still to come though.

The landrover was filled with rubble and heavy tree stumps.

As it  reversed down the side of the house just where the tarmac had been broken up disaster struck. Suddenly the two back wheels disappear into a hidden cess pit! We had no idea it was there but breaking up the tarmac and then loading a heavy landrover was not a good idea.  It cracked right through the heavy concrete that had been put over the cess pit years before.

The air was very blue as you can imagine.

The landrover had to be unloaded, a tow truck had to come and get the car out and it cost a fortune to sort the cess pit out! 

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