Monday, 6 May 2013

The BodyGuard Musical Review

A Very Large Clock In Leicester Square
What was that all about then? The Premier of Star Trek no less. My daughter Katrina and I were walking from Oxford Street to The Strand to watch The Bodyguard and suddenly crowds were surging across the road in Leicester Square.  Three very posh cars slide into the slipway outside the cinema. Out came the star studded cast but taking a photo was impossible a very stern security guard pushed us on saying you can`t stand there.

Fine then I hope everyone had a nice time and that the over zealous security guard missed the last train home.

The Bodyguard

We paid £26 each for a ticket in the upper circle on Thursday 2nd May for the 7.30pm show with Saga theatre ticket site.. The Adelphi Theatre which is on the Strand is a large theatre and had plenty of empty seats in the upper circle. The show although full of amazing songs, is very slow in the first half it needs a bit more  dancing.  I did wonder if it was ever going to liven up. 

 The second half was much better with more lively scenes and a generally faster pace.  The final `I Will Always Love You` was extremely emotional. The stars were exceptional and the final scene song `I Wanna Dance With Someone` had everyone standing and singing.

That is exactly what a good musical should do. Worth going to see just don`t pay £70 or £80 to do so.

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