Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ladies Day at Ascot ! have some fun

Ladies Day at Ascot 

The coach pulls into the busy car park after a long slow drive through the packed lanes of Windsor.  Out spills the high heels and picnic bags, Vodka disguised as tea in flasks, and half bottles of gin cleverly wrapped in foil. The unsuspecting eye of the security guard sees only sandwiches and beer.

The girls are here for a great time in new dresses and hats, manicured talons and hair extensions, tango legs and long lashes, laughter and champagne. It is Ladies Day at Ascot, the sun is shining and the scrum for tables near the fences has just begun.

The agile are sent off first to secure the plastic seats, the grannies give out orders and the cameras start to click.  The guys look like grooms on a wedding day and racing is just a minor part of this great day. The Queen and all the ladies in carriages go by and if you are quick enough, your elbows sharp, and you push to the front, you might just catch a glimpse of her.

The betting frenzy ceases when the horses start to race, did you win? or were you placed? or was your fiver snapped up by the bookies smiling face.  It all good fun and you will stagger back to the tables with beer.  

At the end of the day when you wander away with your hair in a mess and food on your dress, you`ll take off your shoes and say it was cool and promise to come back next year.

Beautiful Windsor and Eton

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