Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Fabulous Palace Coronation Concert Win

Katherine Jenkins

A Waitrose competition was listed in compernews magazine recently offering tickets for The Coronation Concert in Buckingham Palace Gardens.  You needed to purchase a product form a range made by gsk and enter your till receipt number.  I entered a few times and was lucky enough to win.

It was an amazing evening with beautiful weather in a stunning setting. Our seats were close to the stage and we joined the stars and celebs for a lovely evening of music and glamour.

Katrina and I in the Palace Rose Garden.  Then we wandered over to see the eye popping cars from some of the sponsors.

The stage lights up and then the music starts.

Beefeaters, youth dancers, ballet and opera were all represented to make it a lively celebration of the Queens last 60 years. It was exciting and memorable and we loved every minute of the evening.

I enjoy entering competitions and sometimes a lovely prize comes along like this one. I do spend a lot of time entering them and wins can be few and far between but this one was quite simply fabulous.
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Mums do travel said...

Wow, what a fab event! If you enjoy competitions you're welcome to enter mine on Mums do travel for a picnic set giveaway!

Sarah Ebner said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! I found your blog via Gretta aved loved this post, especially as we went to the Palace today (as paying tourists of course..)and are going to write about it soon. Great to find you!

Christine Reid said...

Thank you Sarah for your lovely comment glad you like the post x

Sarah Ebner said...

Hi. My daughter, Jessica, has now written about our trip to the Palace (not a prize!!). Hope you like it.

Christine Reid said...

Thank you Sarah I`ve just read Jessica`s post. It is excellent and I enjoyed reading her colourful descriptions of the Palace.