Saturday, 12 January 2013

Photo a Day Challenge - London

Harrods Steiff Toys
 As its so cold today I thought I would post an indoor photo.  This is Harrods Steiff toy corner aren`t they all lovely. Hugely expensive but lovely to look at I do love wandering around Harrods it is so completely over the top. They sell  some fancy bottles of water for £20! Costs nothing to look though and all their departments are worth a noisy.

What is Free in London? - Harrods

Photo a Day - London

Tower of London

This photo is a side view of the Tower taken from the walkway by the Thames. It is a great place to take photos as London bridge is nearby and the Tower itself is pretty amazing.

What is Free in London? - Great Views

Free in London (hover cursor over link below)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Photo a Day Challenge

Cockles and Mussels on Banks on the Thames

This photo was taken from Chelsea Bridge as the tide sliped out from the  Thames.  You can seee people in their high vis vests searching the muddy bank for cockles. Rather them than me it was a pretty cold day.

Whats Free in London? Art Galleries   Link (hover cursor)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Photo A Day Challenge

I have challenged myself to post a photo a day on my blog so here is the first one. Hopefully this will improve my photography skills and not bore the life out of my followers. The photos will mostly be of London or North Wales  the two very different places I like to haunt.

View across the Thames

Whats free in London as well as great views.

Wins so far in 2013

Finally managed to sort the blogger problem of not being able to post any photos. If you press the HTML link you can post photos thanks for the tip from (MartinLewisSite)

It has only been 10 days so only a few little wins to report.

Family Cinema ticket from a twitter comp, which neice and her kids promptly used to go and see `Impossible`. Very good film apparently.

Private Party invite to the Loft above Ivy resturant for  Author Wilbur Smiths 80th  birthday. Very posh.  Won from an email entry I found the details on site.

Blackberry phone case and phone charm from twitter.

Lets hope its the start of a fab year.

The Thames from London Eye 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Week one 2013

Wow were does the time go? What have I been doing the past week it seems to have gone so quickly.

Sunday my  family and I spent walking in the nearby Ashridge National Trust Estate  watching deer bound through the misty fields. My sons crept through the woods trying to photograph the deer who outwitted their efforts with ease.

I have got no idea what has happened to blogger.  They have changed the way you can add photos to your blog and now I can`t add any at all. Why do they have to change things. It was  all working fine at New Year. I`m off to sulk and will try again tomorrow.