Friday, 25 January 2013

My Fab January Competition Wins

Wow! Spa Days

I recently won what I thought was a Spa Pamper Day for two with Barclaycard fantastic prizes facebook competition. When my prize arrived I had in fact won a Spa Pamper Day for two x 12! One per month for a year. This has got to be one of my favourite prizes to date and I have decided to use 8 of the vouchers together. That means sixteen of us will be lazing around for a whole day of being spoilt how good is that.

Wedge Wellies

I won these Wedge Wellies on twitter and if you comp on twitter you will know that some prizes are offered every week.  These were from the @WedgeWellieWednesday weekly comp which I have been entering for months. I follow the advice from Jane  at Competition Grape Vine  and the team at to understand twitter and fb and it is well worth following.

Another twitter win from the  popular @Britmums twitter parties was a family cinema ticket. My neice and her three children used that to go and see the film `Impossible` which they really liked.

A blackberry phone case an charm also twitter which I haven`t got yet to take a photo. It was won via a retweet.

Then being chosen to host a `Come round` Gallo Wine Party. I applied to go on their list via email and you had to state reasons why you would be a good host.  I like writing things and usually aim for some humour they must have liked what I said anyway.

Some of the party goers having a laugh

Pretty good month I would say and its not over yet could be more to add with a bit of luck. Happy comping 

Party blog post link

`Come Round` Wine Party

Decide on a cake theme - funny faces I think

Mary dunking the biccies

Having heard good reviews about `Come Round` Parties I went on their list for any suitable parties. I was one of the lucky people chosen to hold a recent Gallo Moscato Party!!

Having fun

A party box arrived with four bottles of Gallo Moscato Wine, ballons, wine glasses, coasters, two boxes of Almond Cantuccini biscuits posters and receipe cupcake card. Everything we needed for a girly get together. The snow delayed the party last weekend but we managed to get together this week.

Sue asks if she really has to share,

Bring on the girls

Here`s me ha ha

Biccies loaded with almonds lovely

Added a peachy smile to the cupcakes

The Gallo Moscato wine is a sweet dessert wine tasting lightly of peaches and reminding you of hot sunny beaches. Dipping the almond cantuccini biscuits into the wine is a novel way to try both tastes and works well.We all thought they went together.

We had a great evening and I would really recommend hosting a `Come round` Party.  They have prizes for the best photos and for the best cupcakes the prize is an overnight stay in London. Wonder if I will have a smile on my face like the cupcakes,

Sharon and Katrina