Monday, 11 March 2013

Lets make Cakes

Sam makes his own cakes from scratch

I was looking after my neices children on Saturday so we made some cakes.

The children all wanted to do their own cakes so that is what they did. Sam followed a receipe he had used in the school cookery club, Grace used a packet mix and Charlie made some Easter chocolate rice crispy cakes.

Lets see who is Ace at cakes!

Sam wanted to make his cakes himself so he uses the time honoured method of

100g self raising flour
100g sugar
100g soften butter
2 eggs
little milk

cream butter and sugar together, add flour and eggs slowly, beat for a few minuters. Put evenly into 9 muffin cases.  We cooked them for 12 minutes on 200 electric oven (I did keep and eye on the oven bit).

Gracie uses packet sponge mix

 Grace is on a mission to beat her older brother Sam in the cake making
 department.  Grace is using a sponge mix (22p) which she only has to add an egg and a little milk to.

Now for the icing

Grace works hard with her icing and gets those hundreds and thousands before her brother uses them all.

Ready to show Mum almost

Charlie adds a few sweets to some of the cakes

Done! tell the difference between Sam and Grace`s cakes? only if you look closely but didn`t they all do well.

Charlie who is Gracie`s twin decided he wanted to make chocolate Easter cakes so he made these rice crispy and cornflake cakes.

Charlie is very proud of his Easter cakes and reckons he has beat his brother and sister in cake making.  I think I will leave them to argue that one because I think they all did amazing. We had great fun and I bet you can guess who did the washing up.