Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rant about Jamie Oliver

Ping: - the chef says the poor need lessons in buying and cooking decent food to stop them eating ready made meals.

Strange I thought he was a chef not a politician.

The damn cheek of it, how would he like it if someone decided to tell him what to spend his money on.

Shall I make a start? four kids is a bit much these days Jamie, think of the planet.!!!!

The assumption that poor people are uneducated in what to buy, cook and feed their children is laughable. You see someone with a mobile phone coming out of a fast food place and suddenly your superior to them.  They haven`t `cooked from scratch` and have fed their kids rubbish. Wow shoot them at dawn then!

How scary is that attitude? benefits have been cut to the bone, low income families are struggling, as are all but the richest in society. We do not need millionaires making us all feel worse. I was born in the 50`s, no celeb chefs, just spuds, butter, bread, veg, eggs and school dinners.  We survived, people do. 

What worries me is the `I`m a better person because I eat organic food and make my own cakes`attitude really?! 

The town I live in has queues all the time in the market. People do buy the bowls of fruit and veg for £1 and I am sure they must eat it.

I have said it before and I`ll say it again people will always cause damage to themselves in one way or another. They drive to fast, or smoke, or drink, or climb mountains covered in ice. It is human nature, back off Jamie and let people choose how they live.

Maybe you wouldn`t object to people spending £20 quid on a silly Jamie flour shaker when they can buy a sieve in the poundshop.

Rant over :)

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