Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Charity Shop Bargains - Master Chefs Cookery Books

The Master Chefs Collection

Twenty four small books from chefs like Rick Stein, Michel Roux, Anthony Worral Thompson  and many others.

Got this little bargain for the pricely sum of £3 in a Heart Foundation Charity Shop.


The selection of chefs cover things like Baking, Cooking for Two, Fish, Hot and Spicy, Curries, Chicken, Desserts, and Mediterranean cooking. It is a great useful collection that will happily sit on a shelf in my small kitchen.

£3 well spent

Then for £2 in the same charity shop

This book is not just a recipe book, it is a lesson in foraging for garlic, berries and other wonderful things that grow wild. It is beautifully written and the author Denis Cotter is obviously passionate about his adventures  finding fabulous food. 

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