Thursday, 31 July 2014

Whales, Dolphins and Celebrations.

To celebrate my 32 year old daughter Katrina being given the all clear from mouth cancer we went on this amazing trip. I won this with Nutella late last year. You had to write about a trip you would take for a day up to the value of £3,000. Luckily for us they like this trip and they booked it all for four of us including hotel stays and car hire.

 We flew to Inverness from our local Luton airport then picked up a hire car. Driving over misty mystical mountains to Gailoch took and hour and half, we had booked a four hour whale watching boat trip here. The boat trip cost £75 per person in a twelve seater hard hull boat and the skipper was brilliant. After being kitted out in waterproof clothing it was off on our adventure. The sea was calm but it was a misty drizzling day but we were very happy that bad weather had not prevented the trip taking place. Ten miles out to sea and the most beautiful amazing sight danced out before our eyes. A pod of around 80 dolphins sprang out of the water some of the females came right up to the boat showing off their tiny babies. There was just us the sea and the dolphins it was truly amazing. 
Then the boat went out to 30 miles and we just sat and waited. The sea and sky blended together and it was a surreal experience. The music to jaws playing in my head disappeared as the skipper shouted 11 o clock! our heads turned to the place were a huge whale dived through the waters. Then another few appeared, they were Minke whales and were much bigger than I imagined. They were not as close to us as the dolphins but we had a perfect view. Stunning! Off next to the Shetland Isle puffin cliffs were puffins filled the sky and shags fished for their dinner. 

Tiny chicks looked down from the cliffs guarded by a parent and the scenery was straight off a movie set. Seals bobbed up to say hello and otters scooted for cover. A very memorable beautiful trip. We then stayed overnight in the Mythe Hotel which was just a mile up the coast and was a lovely place with excellent local food. A flight back to London the next morning and we headed to the Rembrantt Hotel in Knightsbridge. This was right facing the Victoria and Albert Museum and nearby science museum. We spent the afternoon in the spa next door which had special rates for guests of the hotel. Then it was time for our booking in the Oblix Restaurant at the Shard. The restaurant is a busy bar with live music and spectacular views over London. 
The service was exceptional and great efforts by the chef and staff were made to accommodate Katrina`s limited ability to eat. We had a wonderful time the food is small, exquisite and expensive. What an an amazing weekend.
View from the Shard

Here is video that my son took while we were there, it is ten minutes long and the first few minutes show the amazing dolphins.

UKbreakaways have some amazing breaks in fabulous places in the Uk including Scotland and London. They are also running a competition to win £250 worth of holiday vouchers  here.

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