Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Harry Potter Tour

Harry Potter World - Katrina is checking out the uniforms
The Three Tier Bus

Harry Potter Tour tickets cost £30 per person and the tour lasts a few hours. We spent three hours there which included wandering around ourselves. There is a free bus service from Watford train station to the studios and the buses leave every half hour.


This is a large precise model of the school which was used in most of the films

So much work has gone into making all the props it is quite amazing.

This looks like ice but is infact plastic, everything is so realistic and the street look like you could open the doors and enter a shop or house. There is nothing behind the doors though, all the interiors are in the studio.

looks so realistic

It is a great day out and you can even buy `butter beer` to drink and have your photo taken on a flying broomstick.

Wands, spell books and cloaks, scarfs and scary faces, and Harry line the walls and look great. It is very expensive in the shop though were a wand costs £25.

Do get some tickets if you haven`t been you will love it and so will the kids. Tickets would make a great Christmas pressie.

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