Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Birds Eye Fill Up Teenagers and Freezers!

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We got all the above for just £10 so we added more fish and more burgers. We had £20 of Birds Eye vouchers to spend.

Getting back into a routine once the children return to school can be a challenge, twins Charlie and Grace are 12 and Sam is 15.  Grace is a fussy eater but will always eat chicken so that is always on the shopping list. These Birds Eye Chicken Breasts, which have two per pack and lots different varieties are fantastic for getting Grace to eat a healthy meal. Even if the rest of the family are having something else it takes no time to prepare a chicken breast with some new potatoes or a fresh salad.
Grace helps put the shopping away

The boys like most their ages have hollow legs so the more on their plates the better!  Burgers and chips, fish and potatoe waffles, and chicken with baked potatoes are all easy to prepare.

Charlie tucks into fish and chips

After School tips.

We make muffins and flapjacks as after school snacks as this helps the family budget by having something ready after school. The own brand sponge mixes supermarkets allow us to make cakes for pennies.  There is also less mess than measuring out all the ingredients separately! 

After football practice Sam likes to bring his friends round and they are always famished. Beef and Chicken burgers are an easy and filling choice. Add a few quorn sausages in hotdog rolls for the veggies and everyone goes home happy.

We do make chocolate brownies from scratch though and they disappear very quickly.

Chocolate Brownies

Best of all with the children are all old enough to pop the the food in the oven and take over preparing dinner.

When nanna and grandad come for dinner we use Birds Eye prawn curry, make rice and get some flat breads. The kids cook it all ourselves and nanna and grandad are usually very impressed.

Sam messing about
Sam has claimed these

Charlie is cooking tea