Tuesday, 16 December 2014

London`s Winter Wonderland

Just starting to get dark  - and a bonus shooting star to welcome us!

Hyde Park in London has the most amazing Winter Wonderland and entry is free.

All rides though have to be booked  in advance and these can work out expensive.

If you just want to wander around and sip a cup of mulled wine, or buy yourself some Christmas treats it is a fabulous place to visit.

The best time to go is just before it actually gets dark, then as you roam around all the lights come on, magical.

Scary rides! - Only for the daring!

There are plenty of scary rides for the brave, ice skating, a circus and a wonderful big wheel.  Santa can be seen riding by the wheel on his sleigh.

As it gets really dark the whole place seems to shimmer with light and it does feel very festive.

Wow that wheel is big!

It is extremely busy, we had a one year old with us and although she was being carried by her daddy, it was still difficult to push the buggy around.

When we were leaving the queue to come into the area was waiting two to three hours. That would be no fun in the freezing cold. So do go early. We only waited ten minutes to go in at 3.30 pm.

Hyde Park tube station had been closed for safety reasons due to the sheer number of people by 5 pm.

We walked to Green Park to get the tube back to Euston station.  This is a fairly long walk if you had young children or people who had walking difficulties. Marble Arch tube station would be a better choice.

A visit to London at Christmas time is never complete for me without a visit to Harrods. The Christmas window displays are magnificent as always.

How cute though is this photo of Isabella in Harrods toy department.


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