Monday, 16 February 2015

A Fabulous Frugal Day in London

My sister has been staying with me for a few weeks, she lives in Ireland and beautiful though it is, it is wild in winter.

She comes ever year and it breaks the winter up nicely for both of us.  We usually try to spend a day or two in London. I live in Hertfordshire so it`s not to far to travel. 

We always take a packed lunch and aim only to buy the odd tea or coffee. We try to get as much from the day as possible on a limited budget.

This year we headed to the amazing Victoria and Albert Museum,(Free) and wandered through part of the costume exhibition. Seen the silver collections and marveled at the marble statues.
Details of the Museum are here.

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We sat in the beautiful cafe and drank tea under the massive circular lights, with sunshine pouring through the stained glass windows. The tiled walls date from the 1920`s, it is a beautiful place.

We had a day travel card which allowed travel on the tubes and buses this cost £18.80 and included our return train travel from Hemel Hempstead.

After a look around the shops in Knightsbridge and eating our lunch in Hyde park we headed for Harvey Nichols. Not to buy anything other than a coffee, this is a frugal day remember. We wanted to enjoy  the view from their roof terrace cafe. 

Harvey Nichols roof garden cafe

It is quite impressive to sit looking over the rooftops of Knightsbridge for the price of a coffee. The staff were very friendly and chatted to my sister Maggie about the 1970`s when the store was Bibba`s.

Next stop the highlight of the day off to see Warhorse! With our £15 each tickets. We traveled on the bus to Covent Garden  passing Regent Street, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square on the way.

I thought when buying our tickets that a Monday evening would not be too busy in winter. I bought the cheapest tickets available from

Image result for war horse play
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It is by far the best play I have seen, it is amazing!

Warhorse is showing at:
 New Theatre
166 Drury Lane, London, WC2B5PW
Drury Lane London
166 Drury Lane, London, WC2B5PW

The theatre is not enormous like some London theatres so you can see really well even in the cheapest seats. I have seen Warhorse on the cinema link up to the National theatre and that was impressive.
Seeing it going on a few feet away from you though is something else. Do go to see it you will love it.

Total spends for the day

Travel £18.80 per person
Theatre tickets £15 per person
Coffee in Harvey Nichols £4 per person
Tea in V@A £3 per person.



Maggie Frame said...

Hi Sis,
Yes it was a great day, and as you say we did it very frugally... What next for the pair of us ??? I'm sure my Sister will keep you posted.
Maggie .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a brilliant day!
Really must see more musicals and visit more museums in London.
Thank you for all the great info!
Dawn x

Aesop said...

Lovely frugal day out. Have you tried Kensington Rooftop Gardens? Sign upto for discounted theatre tickets. Hope you went through a cashback site for

Anand said...
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