Thursday, 30 April 2015

MagicSquares Playdate Challenge

Isabella  shares her Strawberry &Vanilla magic square with Freddie the Monkey

This one has two different colours inside.

 I like these and I can eat them myself, Mum says there good for me too.

Now I`m going to play 

I can have fun on the slide because I`m a big girl now!

Off to the the park to feed the ducks then we will have a picnic and I can have a Raspberry & Vanilla magic square.

This one is as big as me and he wants my dinner!

Where are his teeth Mum?

Time for a game of football

Then a play on the swings

Here`s my cousin Loui-Max and he will be eating magic squares very soon.

I am going to give him a kiss then go back to play in the garden'

Time for another yummy Strawberry & Vanilla  Petits Filous!

"This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petitis Filous"

Isabella is 18 months old and at this age all she wants to do is eat quickly and go off to play. She also insists on feeding herself so I need good quality, easy to eat food that she likes. Petits Filous new magic squares are ideal, she can see the two colours inside and wants to eat the four squares and mix up the magic!

She likes both the Strawberry&Vanilla and the Raspberry&Vanilla and both provide calcium and vitamin D.

Currently on offer at Tesco £1 for four. Petits Filous is the UK`s Number 1  kids yoghurt and fromage frais brand.