Friday, 5 June 2015

Supporting Katrina with her Mouth Cancer Battle - Update


Last June we celebrated Katrina, then 32 being given the all clear from mouth cancer. She had been through surgery, tongue reconstruction, losing all her teeth and having to be fed long term via a stomach tube . She had chemo and radiotherapy.

We went to Scotland, saw Whales and dolphins, and had a meal at the Shard. It was an amazing weekend. I am very thankful I enter competitions as that weekend was a win from Nutella. Katrina her  hubby Richard, brother Anthony and myself went.

Just one year later and Katrina now has secondary cancer in her left lung, kidney and ribs. We don`t know what her doctors will advise next but it is so sad to think her battle has to start again. She only got some false top teeth a few weeks ago.  
Teeth at last

I don`t know how to support her but I will as will her brothers and wider family. We like her have no choice.

Life is very strange, last week I was in Liverpool celebrating my sisters 75th birthday, this week I am howling like a banshee at the injustice of it all. I`m 60 why can`t it be me.

Why am I writing this in a blog post? I don`t know - maybe because its late and my legs are aching from all the walking I have done. Walking clears the head a bit doesn`t it. 

Maybe because I know that other people have to deal with so much more. Katrina is still here I am grateful for that. 

I am angry with myself because I didn`t make better financial decisions in my life. It would be nice now to have that security. Should I have stayed in a lousy marriage? would that have meant private health care ? would that really make a difference. Why didn`t I train harder, save better, etc.

My ex commands me to demand Katrina is put on `new drugs `. Katrina is 33 and has a hubby. She sees her father once or twice a year.

My eldest son Mark is researching `health food supplements that are excellent in the fight against cancer`. He spent £40 today in the health food shop. The need to do something, anything is all consuming.

I know I will lose her.

I wish everyone well who is fighting or supporting anyone with this insidious disease.


I am only just able to update this post and it is 10/3/2017.
Katrina died on 3 August 2015 surrounded by her close family, she drifted away when her poor body had had enough. She was 33.

My pinterest board for Katrina.

© Licensed to 28/10/2014 London, UK. British Dental Foundation Mouth Cancer Action Month launch at the House of Commons, Westminster. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs