Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Edinburgh Castle

Spending a few days in Edinburgh on a much needed break I booked into Edinburgh Metro Youth Hostel which was excellent. I had my own room in a flat with six bedrooms, shared kitchen and sitting area. I chose an all female flat and having two bathrooms was useful. It was clean, had 24 hour reception and free internet access.

This cost £25 per night and was minutes away from the Royal Mile, right behind the Radisson Blu Hotel which would have cost so much more. All ages were staying in the hostel flats including families.

Edinburgh Youth Hostel
11 Robinson`s Close
Cowgate EH1 1LY

First stop then the Castle!

Overlooking the City of Edinburgh is the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, walk up the steep cobbled street to a piper playing the bagpipes and time itself slips.

The Castle is an imposing site, its dark brick walks add a air of menace and you think it would need a brave army to try and overrun this city.
Edinburgh Castle

The Castle has been added to over the centuries, so it is a jigsaw of styles and alleyways.

It houses an impressive collection of military history, from grand swords and flags to shaving cups and books from the fallen.

Edinburgh Castle

The Scottish Crown Jewels are worth queueing to see as the Coronation Crown of Mary Queen of Scots gleams on its red cushion. The Sword of State is so grand it eclipses the one in the Tower of London and the Sceptre is stunning. The Stone of Destiny takes its worth place next to the Crown.

Stop at the whiskey sampling shop to revive your windswept self or try the tea-rooms, afternoon tea £16 pp. I had vegetable soup there which to be honest was quite bland £5.50 and coffee for £2.50.

The famous one-o-clock gun, which, of courses, goes off at 1pm is very loud and has been fired  everyday since the 1920`s.

1pm Gun

The entrance fast track fee to the Castle is £16 but I bought my ticket as part of a two-day tour buses, ticket to Castle, Palace and Royal Yacht Britannia deal. I paid £43 as a senior. Very good value as the tour buses are hop on hop off all day tickets.

Castle Entrance

Allow yourself a few hours to make the most of seeing the Castle you wont be disappointed and the views over the city are fabulous.

View of city from Castle

Military Museum in Castle