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Matched Betting Review - Is Profit Accumulator For You

I have read so much about match betting that I decided to give it a try. I took advantage of the 7 day free trial from Profit Accumulator. 

Here is what you will need to consider

         You will need to tie up some of your income in a betting exchange to cover your lay bets ( see  7 day free trial above) or the free excellent Matched Betting Guidelines on

2     You will need money to open accounts with sites such as Coral who offer a  free betting bonus for new customers. These bonuses are essential to making a profit.

3     Profit Accumulator will not tell you that you may also get money from Topcashback or Quidco for joining these sites.   Some survey sites offer points for joining betting sites. Mintvine offers 3,300 for joining some. You have to wait for your cashback but still its useful to know. Join directly via the cashback site and not via the referral link on Profit Accumulator.

4      If like me you have previously opened accounts to take advantage of the bingo offers you will find you are not getting `Free bets`  You are not a new customer. No point  thinking the site won`t know, it will and it will take your money and let you bet. It just won`t give you the much needed bonus.

5      The only way to make any decent money is if you are a new customer, have a large float or get very lucky like the lady who won several thousand on a slot spin offer. As she says though that was luck.

6     You need a dedicated bank account really to keep track of your finances. If you have a bad credit history you could open the ffrees online current account. Check it out it does cost 5 per month. Barclays and RSB offer basic account, as do some other banks.

7      If you sign up for Profit accumulators monthly deal that will cost 22.99 a month.

       I did this just so I could give the system a fair go, cancelled it now so I will only pay for one month.

9    It is easy to make a mistake even following all the information. I made a few silly errors like not getting free bets as I had an account previously. 

1   I bet on a football match to draw then lay it to lose not knowing it is the same thing.

1   Some of the top up offers are not for the inexperienced, and Profit Accumulator does state this. Some of the sites look at best doggy and some of the wagering requirements if you do take up an offer are ridiculous. I have seen some for 30 or 50 times the bonus. So if they give you a ten pound bonus you would need to win 300 or 500 before you could withdraw any money.

1  I  understand people do make money on Match Betting but it is not for you if you don`t have the money to `Float` it properly. The videos and software on Profit Accumulator make it easier and the forums are helpful. Though most of the useful information is only available once you pay the monthly premium. Again has free excellent advice. 

 Match Betting is not for me I can`t afford it. My fridge needs food and my electric meter needs feeding. I made 32 pound, spend 22.99 on a months membership. So total profit 9 pound.  Good luck if you try it.

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