Sunday, 18 December 2016

Simple Christmas Flower Arrangements

I am no florist but I do like making frugal Christmas flower arrangements for myself or to give as gifts.

My favourite place to buy flowers is the fabulous Columbia Road Flower Market in London, which is only open on a Sunday. 

 (© Michelle Grant / Time Out)
Photo from Timeout London Magazine.

It is not always possible to get into London though so I am making do with supermarket flowers. There is a good selection at the moment with Christmas around the corner.

 I bought some pink roses, white carnations and some silver stars from Sainsburys, total cost £12.50. I already had some candles, fir cones and containers. 

I put a cup of water in the centre of this container, arranged the flowers and added a silver star. I then placed some silver Christmas baubles in the top of the container. This helps the flowers stay in place and looks quite nice.

Next I filled a large storm glass with fir cones, Christmas baubles and red beads. I put a candle into a stoneware holder and placed it in the storm glass. Simple but impressive, especially with another candle in a glass candle stick nearby.

This is what they look like grouped together. I will have to replace some of  the fresh flowers on Christmas eve but that`s fine as they will look lovely all this week.

I used most of the roses in this arrangement as well as the small unopened buds from the white carnations. The greenery was cut from outside and the holder was kept from recent birthday flowers.

This will make a great gift for my sister.

Why not have a try yourself, you don`t even have to spend anything, just fill a jug with holly and berries. You could try this one pinned from pinterest.

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Check out pinterest for more fabulous ideas.


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