Thursday, 29 December 2016

Simple Flower Arrangements for New Year 2017

Many people look for yellow sticker bargains after Christmas. Everyone hoping to fill the freezer and save some money in the deary skint days of January. I am no different, I stock up on cheese and veggies, chicken and salmon when I can.

I love to find flowers reduced by the supermarkets once they have pasted their sell by date. It doesn`t mean they are no longer beautiful just that they can no longer be sold as at their best.

All reduced at the local co-op store today

 I made this arrangement with the gorgeous purple tulips after removing two flowers that were a little withered.

Purple Tulips 

 I had put some black tape in strips across the top of the vase so the tulips could be arranged how I wanted them. Some cut taller than others so that they would spill over the sides of the vase.

  I used a large yellow vase for the lillies and some of the white carnations. I didn`t do anything other than cut the stems on an angle so the flowers could soak up some fresh cold water.

Lillie's and white carnations.
Next I left the Christmas Time bunch of flowers pretty much as they were. These should have been £20 and apart from a few sad leaves they looked fabulous.

Fresh Water and a trim, a large clear glass vase and they look lovely.
I had some red tulips left and after taking a little of the greenery from the larger bunches I put them in a glass jug. They brighten up a corner table and look very festive.

Total cost was under ten pounds.

My daughter Katrina whose photo you can see on the table loved flowers. I am sure she would approve of these fabulous flowers to welcome in 2017.


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