Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tesco Desserts #TriedForLess

My Orchard £6 vouchers got all this
I`M A MEMBER OF THE ORCHARD AT TESCO  SO I   #TriedItFree  with  #Tescoorchard

 I've recently signed up to Orchard by Tesco, whom based on your profile and Tesco Clubcard usage will  send you additional vouchers and clubcard points to test and grade new products at Tesco.

I received £6 in vouchers to spend on Tesco desserts, cakes or cheese. I chose the above items as the dessert platter is ideal to enhance my buffet table on Boxing Day.

There are 50 mini desserts in the box and it only costs £4. Inside the box  is a packet of mini donuts, a packet of mini chocolate eclairs and a box of vanilla slices. You can set all 50 out or just use a few at a time. They will defrost in an hour. 

Who can resist Tesco Chocolate Profiteroles and £1 a box, an irresistible dessert for two or three people. 

The Lemon Swirl cheesecake looked good again it was £1. I think I will keep this for Christmas Eve.

Here is a link if you would like to find out more about Tesco`s Orchard Programme.

Direct Link is

I received vouchers to buy the above desserts but the opinions are my own.

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