Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas was lovely, Now time to think of Holidays

I was very lucky I got lots of lovely things.

I got a Coffee Machine from my neice and her children,lovely.

Books and a snuggly blanket from another neice. Fabulous

Books and flowers from my son Mark and  his wife Dawn. Perfume and an electric toothbush from Anthony my second son.

Lots of lovely cards and a beautiful canvas with the adorable Isabella and her sister Alice`s hand and footprints on.


 I will treasure it forever. 

Now it`s time to save for my holiday, which will be following the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.  

Picture from Irish tourism Board - Pinterest.

 I will be going in May and will be traveling independently, not part of a set tour. I shall be Mystery shopping, filling in surveys, eating frugally, selling on ebay and generally saving. My sister Maggie and I plan a ten day tour staying in bed and breakfast places and travelling by coach. 

We are hoping to manage on £100 per day, that is to cover everything. No easy fete as Ireland is very expensive. Hoping to stay a least a few nights in hostels to keep costs down.  I will be checking out hotels, travel costs etc over the next few weeks.

Two over 60`s travel the wild Atlantic Way, Galway, Sligo, Limerick, Mohar, whales, dolphins, hotels.

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