Sunday, 5 June 2016

Celebrating with My First Petits Filous

Alice`s first Christmas, Isabella and cousin Brooke won`t take off their goggles, I think they are hoping for snow.
Isabella meets her sister Alice for the first time.
We can go now Mum the lights on green, who doesn`t like sitting upstairs in the front of the bus. Whenever we are out and about I pack a lunchbox for Isabella as she is a fussy eater. I always include some Petits filous as they are her favourite.
Isabella having fun with her cousins, she would play all day and now she is two  and she has now started nursery school. She takes a packed lunch and chooses most of her own food  to go in her lunch box that includes strawberry petits filous.
Isabella meets a snake for the first time
Alice`s first Birthday, wow were did that year go
 Alice is full of energy and now she is one she eats most things but insists on feeding herself.  My first Petits filous are ideal, they are low sugar little pots of goodness. Fromage Frais, provides your child with Calcium and Vitamin D, which as part of a healthy diet, help build strong bones.
Alice is one and off out on her bike, she`s an outdoor girl and has just started walking. Another first to celebrate.
Alice always wants to feed herself now, she will eat almost anything luckily but weaning her was difficult at times. I like the small pots of petits filous because there is not much waste and she likes the tastes.
Isabella feeding her toy monkey
 Such busy days with two under three`s! They are always on the go, feeding the ducks in the park or playing with friends in the garden.

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Woburn Safari Park, seeing all the animals for the first time. Isabella wanted to play with the Giraffes.
cuddles with Mum