Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fabulous Frugal Flower Tip - Send Flowers by Post Yourself

How to Send Flowers by Post Yourself.

Save yourself the heavy price of having flowers delivered and send them by post yourself. With Easter and Mothers day on the way its a great money saving tip.

1. Buy your flowers and ask for a plastic flower bag.

2. Arrange your flowers and place inside your flower bag.

3. Pull the stems through the bottom of the flower bag and secure them with an elastic band.

4. Soak some kitchen paper in cool water then squeeze out any excess water.

5. Wrap this around the flower stems and secure with an elastic band. Now wrap a piece of plastic around the kitchen paper and secure. I just cut a piece from a plastic carrier bag.

6. Buy a box  that fits your flowers, lay them inside and put some tape across the bunch to stop them moving about in transit. I use black insulating tape as it stays in place but is easy to remove.

7. Place a fragile sticker on the box and post first class. 

I tried this with some daffodils and it worked perfectly. Flowers were delivered within two days and looked just as  fresh as when I bought them. 

You could send an ikebana arrangement you have made like these 
Easu ikebana arrangements 

The post office sells flower boxes and I am sure you could get them on ebay.  Read the link below for more packaging tips.

 Packaging tips from UPS

My flowers for this week

A wander around the local market today found me buying a large bunch of flowers for £5. They looked really pretty and too nice to leave there.

Market Flowers
I also bought a bunch of Roses from Aldi for £2 and some of their lemons and limes at 69p per pack.


I made this table arrangement using the roses, lemon and limes I also added a few sprigs of mint.  I think it looks very pretty and I am really pleased with the quality of the flowers from Aldi.

I have bought quite a few bunches over the last few weeks and they have all lasted very well.

The rose in the centre came from the larger bunch of flowers. 
Roses Lemon and Limes

The flowers from the market I made this arrangement with. I chose this bunch as I really like deep jewel colours. I like the flowers spilling over the vase and at different heights.

Red and Purple Flowers
Market flowers
Plenty of flowers to keep me happy for the total cost of £8.38 including the lemon and limes.


Beautiful ikebana flower arrangement

ikebana for £2

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