Sunday, 12 February 2017

Five fabulously Frugal Things This Week

I am joining a blog linky with Katykicker, Beccy and a few other  wonderful blogs I follow.  It is all about the frugal things you have managed  to do during the week.  #5frugalthings

Its a great idea to keep everyone on track and also a great way to share frugal ideas.

by Anthony Reid

#1 Sorting out all my photo`s of London was a job I had been putting off but then really enjoyed it. I put a movie on the TV and just got on with it. I am very lucky my sons are very good photographers and let me have some of their work to use on my blog.

#2 Monday I got the boots Meal deal for £1 with the 02 offer and Tuesday I enjoyed a free coffee with friends in Cafe Nero. This was also from the 02 offers.

#3 Thursday I went out for lunch with my sister and we used a voucher from an offer at Pizza Express. Total cost £8 each for a main meal and a cold drink.

#4 Saturday I checked Quidco for the click snap offers and went out shopping with a list. I got quite a few items that will, once I get the cashback have cost me nothing.

If you are not already a member of Quidco my referal link is here

I would get a small amount of money if you later bought something via Quidco

#5 Sunday I usually call into Waitrose after walking the dog. With their rewards card my Sunday Paper is free (usually £2.40) if I spend over £10. I often buy the essential offers which are pretty good value. Free tea or coffee available too.

London Rooftops by Anthony Reid   

Next week I`m hoping to do lots of frugal things during the school half-term.

London, o2, meal deals, waitrose, Quidco, photography..

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