Thursday, 9 February 2017

Japanese ikebana Flower Arranging

Pretty flowers
I have been practising displaying my flowers following the Japanese ikebana style. . As ikebana has many different schools of thought, philosophies, and styles it can be a study that takes years to fully master.

I just want to follow some basic rules of displaying flowers beautifully.  The ikebana approach emphasises individual blooms in containers that enhance the overall look of the arrangement.

It can also be a very frugal way of flower arranging as you only need a few flowers.

If you have a garden just cut a few fabulous flowers rather than filling a whole vase of flowers.

I am looking forward to spring when the pink and white blossom is out. I shall be added some branches of blossom to my arrangement then.

feathery and lovely

The pink container I used in this display is from the poundshop in their homeware section. The flowers were from Marks and Spencers and cost £3.25.

 Here is one I made for £2 including the container 
ikebana £2 arrangement

There are some great youtube sites that show the basics of ikebana
I like this one by an ikebana master.

There are also endless books on the subject.  If you just want an idea of the impressive ikebana flower displays take a look on Pinterest.

Total cost including container £4.25


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