Friday, 10 March 2017

Five Fabulous Frugal Things This Week

Week ending 10/3/2017

I’m linking up with CassEmma  and Becky in this week’s `Five Fabulously Frugal Things`

 #1 Mystery Shopping

Two mystery shops this week which is very nice as not many become available in my area. I joined up after reading a post on and used the referral link. I really enjoy it so hoping plenty more jobs come up as the weather improves.

Mystery shopping Information

Mystery Shopping

I would get a small payment if you joined via my link and went on to complete a mystery shop.

My Referral link

#2 Slow Cooker Chicken

I cooked a chicken in slow cooker then shredded it. It made
2 roast dinners, 2 chicken and pasta lunches, two stir fry meals, 2 chicken wraps and a vat of soup. Chicken Soup Cost £4 for the chicken. Bought in M/S because they have a good animal welfare policy. More than happy with that.

#3 Walking

Added the health app to my phone so I am now tracking my walking.
Great incentive to walk more. I am aiming for 10 miles a week, App is free, walking is free and it makes you feel better. I went on a canal walk and as I was taking photo`s I didn`t notice how far I had walked. I walked 2.8 miles, making 12.4 miles this week. More than I hoped for so.

I will be following some of the many wonderful Waterway Walks over the coming weeks.  Link    Waterway Walks

Grand Union Canal

#4 Studied this great blog

Link    The Money Shed 

I haven`t really thought much about making money from my blog, I always just post my photo`s and talk about London in particular. I have very few followers on the blog although on Pinterest  and twitter I have a good following.

I thought it was time to see what was possible and to be honest I am staggered by the amount of information freely available.  I am sure its very hard to make a living from a blog but any money at all is a bonus.

Skint Dad`s blog is brilliant for information on money saving and survey sites.  

Link  Skint Dad

I have never got to grips with Match Betting,  I understand the first sign ups and how that works. After that I am lost and I wish someone would set up an interactive workshop about it.

Link Match Betting

#5 Quidco and o2

Took advantage of a few clicksnap offers on Quidco which I check before going shopping. My social life now seems to revolve around the o2 offers. I meet friends for a free coffee at Cafe Nero on a Tuesday.  We also go to Pizza Express for lunch one day a week where a main meal is £5 using the app offer.

I`m Off - Canal Walk

My Money Saving tips

Staying in University Rooms in Central London;postID=1347278831951208759;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;postNum=3;src=link

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