Thursday, 16 March 2017

Five Fabulous Frugal Things This Week

Five Frugal Things

Week Ending 17/3/2017

#1 Swimming

It was such a lovely day on Monday I decided to go swimming. I have a discount card so it only costs me £2.50. Great exercise and I really enjoyed it and now the weather is better I will go every week.

#2 Walking 

I went walking in St Albans park which is not far in a car from were I live. It was quiet as the weather was not good, these beautiful swans were after my lunch. I thought they looked so sweet all lined up so I did give them half my sandwich.

Shall we get away from the riff raff? by Christine Reid

#3 Flowers

I love having flowers in my house so I decided to buy a plant this week so that it would last a while. Then I saw these flowers for £1.20 and bought them too.

£1.20 Yellow Sticker Tesco

£3 plant from Supermarket
#4 Freezer Stocktake

Enough for well over 20 meals in my freezer so not buying anything other than fresh bread and fruit this week. I am aiming for six no spend days this week.

#5 Cash 

£10 from MintVine survey Site cashback from Quidco and cash from mystery shopping.  Very nice and every pound counts. Add my usual free coffee at cafe Nero with o2 and it has been a nice week. I am saving up to take Isabella and Alice to Whipsnade Zoo   Here is the link for tickets  Zoolink  at Easter. It is expensive but last time we went the girls loved it.

Flamingos at the zoo - C Reid

Places to go in Herts, Beds and Bucks

Abbots Kitchen Cafe St Albans Cathedral


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