Thursday, 30 March 2017

Five Fabulous Frugal Things

Five Fabulous Frugal Things  - week ending 31/3/2017

#1 Out enjoying the sunshine

Isabella aged 3 and sister Alice nearly 2
Saying Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!
Fun time!
#2  Working on my blog.

I have been working on my blog a lot this week, adding links, updating posts and generally tidying it up.  Amazing I got over two thousand page views yesterday! I am so pleased I usually get about 70.

 My blog - finally!!! doing something right pages views are over 2,000:

 #3   Charity Shop Binoculars

bought a pair of binoculars in a local charity shop for £3. I shall take with me when I am out walking. I love to see the kingfishers and Herons on canal walks but it will be even nicer to see them close up.  A lovely frugal hobby.

#4  Surveys

I tend to get locked out of many surveys as I don`t fit well into their demographics. MintVine
remains the exception for me. I usually manage to get £10 or £20 a month with their surveys.

#5  Clicksnap

have bought quite a few things using the Quidco clicksnap offers this week. Saving myself a very welcome £12. I love pinterest too so spent some happy hours pinning.

My Pinterest Boards
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