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From University Rooms to Churches - Best places to stay on a Budget

Stay in a University Room right in the centre of  London

The best places to stay on a budget in London.

Trafalgar Square - A Reid
Great for families too.

You can even book a two bed apartment with university rooms, now wouldn`t that be nice for New Years Eve.  You could watch all the wonderful fireworks then wander back to your apartment without having to pay the expensive hotel costs.

I stayed in a university room when I went to Edinburgh and it was excellent. Minutes from the Royal Mile and just behind a very expensive hotel. It was a six bedroomed flat with two bathrooms and a large kitchen/dining area. I paid £28 per night for one room. There was only one other room occupied.

Edinburgh Castle - C Reid

I have also stayed in university rooms in Oxford, again they were excellent and very central. I got my own single bedroom, a bathroom shared with three other rooms, and a very filling buffet breakfast. all set in a beautiful old college with its own garden square.

Oxford  -  A. Reid

Fancy a few days away from London during your holiday?

Get the Caladonian sleeper train to scotland form £39 each way and stay in one of these amazing places.

Airbnb Fabulous places in Scotland 

How about staying in a church!

`Champing` - Camping in a Church

I have just booked this one in Cumbria for two nights for two people. Once you make your booking the church is yours, for your private use. You do not have strangers sharing with you. Imagine the fun kids would have camping in a church.

£225 for two people for two night in August 2017. 

The Churches Conservation Trust - Anytime Booking:
St. Marys Church Cumbria

It is basic, cold and you might see a few mice or ghosts from the local graveyard. Looks good fun though and this church is surrounded by mountains, it is ideal for hikers and you can take your dog. Sometimes you have to try different things just for the experience.

You need to take your own bedding but camp beds, chairs, and battery operated candles are provided. A great breakfast is brought by a local farm or pub each morning. You also get a loo with a view no going out to the graveyard with a torch, just as well you might give yourself a fright.

 You can book here:

You are given a list of things to take with you but I will certainly be adding extra batteries for the candles. A good torch and a eye mask just in case the stained glass windows were designed to catch the sunrise. 

Read this great review here about `champing` and see what you think.


This is not a sponsored post, no incentives were received for writing this post. It is my own opinion. 

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