Thursday, 30 March 2017

Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Wow I got over 2,000 page views today on my blog! 

Fort William Scotland

I have been working hard on my blog over the past few weeks and it seems to have finally improved my page views.  I have checked old posts, deleted some and tidied some up. I have also added links to more posts and read some of the tips from other bloggers.

Many of the traffic sources have come via pinterest were I already have a good following.   I think more people are using pinterest now so having some interesting boards will certainly help your blog.

I like taking photos and have many on my blog but as I have found out its all about writing interesting posts. 

Write about your holidays or day trips, my post below about Fort William has been very popular.

Fabulous Fort William - Scotland 

Writing a guest post on another site is an excellent way to improve your blog, you can post a link on your blog to your guest post.

My Post for Silver Travel Advisor got 9,000 views

My TripAdvisors Review - Almost 2,000 Views 

My Pinterest Boards

My Blog Stats

My blog - finally!!! doing something right pages views are over 2,000:

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This post seems to have been a hit

Budget Places to stay in London and beyond 

This one too 
A Buddist Retreat

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