Sunday, 16 April 2017

Five Fabulous Frugal Things This Week

Week ending 15/4/2017

#1 Staying with family in North Wales

I am very lucky my son and daughter in law live in a beautiful part of North Wales. I have been staying with them for four days this week and it has been wonderful.

Colwyn Bay North Wales

We visited Conwy a world heritage town with its fabulous castle and harbour.  Conwy Visitor Information  Angel Bay where a seal and her pup lay basking in the afternoon sun. Nature reserve at Angel Bay

Angel Bay North Wales

 Walked the dogs on the beach and had a wonderful lunch at this pub. Black Lion

 #2  First Aid Kit in a Water Bottle

I am going solo camping in the summer and will be doing some day hikes. I wanted a first aid kit that I could take with me without it getting squashed in my day sack or taking up to much room. I made this one which will just clip on to my day sack with a key clip.

First Aid Kit to clip on a rucksack

#3   Changing Travel Cash to Euros

I followed the advice on and got my euros from here. Best Exchange Rates

#4   Asking Friends

I managed to get a two man tent, ground sheet and sleeping bag simply by asking friends and family.  Freecycle is another great way to get things free or try free or cheap sites on facebook.

#5 Healthy Eating

I am trying to lose some weight by eating healthy frugal fabulous food so I don`t get bored. Aldi is my friend, with 7 breakfasts sorted for £2.15
Bag of pears      80p
Natural yogurt   55p
7 bananas           80p


am making soups for 7 lunches

Aldi Carrots, sweet potatoes red onions and red peppers.



I am making

Baked potatoes and tuna,  omelette's  and I will be buying a chicken, some salad and some rice cakes.


Add some milk and teabags total cost for the  week less than £20.

I am happy with that. I am sure some people could do much better but for me that price is fine.


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