Saturday, 4 February 2017

Fabulous Frugal Flower Arrangements For Spring

 I love flowers and I am always looking for different ways to make stunning arrangements but spend very little.

My Pinterest board has some amazing ideas for flowers taken from across the internet: 

Celebrating Chinese New Year  2017 - Year of the Rooster
I made this flower arrangement to celebrate Chinese New Year. The red fan came from the £1 shop and had three in a pack. The roses cost £5 and the Iris £3.

 Flower arranging is a hobby and as I don`t have a garden or balcony it is a way of bringing colour into my flat.

Beautiful yellow daffodils and Lilies
 I bought three bunches of daffodils at £1.20 a bunch from Sainsbury`s and a bunch of yellow lilies from Aldi for £3.00.

The above arrangement is a nod to the amazing Ikebana Japanese style of flower arranging. I think it looks pretty and when the lilies open fully it should be quite beautiful. It would make a nice gift or look lovely at Easter time.

Pretty lilies and daffodils
 I have seen this sort of arrangement done with tulips and I wanted to try it with lilies and daffodils. I think when the lilies at the back of the vase open it will look quite impressive. I might try it with a fishbowl type vase next time though.

Daffodils in a yellow vase
 The remainder of the daffodils I put in a large yellow vase with the middle flowers a bit taller than the rest. There is something very spring like about daffodils and they look amazing just in a vase.

All these lovely flowers for less than £7 pound
 I have waited until the flowers are all almost open to take these photos. I hope they will last another five days. I have already had them six days. Not bad for less than £7.

You could just buy one bunch of daffodils and make a pretty arrangement with them and pretend it is already spring.

I think I need to make a screen as a background for the flowers when I take photos. I am sure they would look better without the clutter of my window sill. 


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